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Train using the latest technology to promote focus, learning & knowledge retention

New employees, field staff and remote teams benefit from consistent and scalable learning that flexes regardless of location and turnover rates.

Tired of hosting training days with a slideshow and videos? Raise the bar with borderless
Train large or small groups, in-person or fully remote, with synchronized content
Deploy kits via your field teams to deliver trainings on the go

Unveil truly immersive experiences to audiences without distraction

Take experiential to the next level. Engage customers with a brand's story by placing them directly in it. Whether face-to-face with a founder, on stage with an artist, in a manufacturing facility or inside your product.

Synchronized playback or time-release content can make your next Product Launch happen in VR
Deliver a Fashion Show experience as unique as your next collection
Is your brand out of this world? Don't let your next experience be bound by reality

Transform property marketing by putting buyers in a home from anywhere in the world

Some properties deserve to be seen "in-person." Increase realty reach by taking properties to prospective buyers, no matter where they're located around the world.

Promote Trophy Properties, or your next big development project
Let Remote Clients experience a property like never before
Make your office Borderless, showcase a global portfolio in any location

Enable the full potential of educators and students

Fieldtrips and movie days will never be the same. Transport students to the set of their favorite film or on trips previously infeasible. Increase engagement & retention through customizable interactivity including polling, quizzes and more.

Virtual Fieldtrips open up students to learning opportunities that were never possible before.
Remote learning never looked so good. Develop immersive educational experiences that can be delivered as a synced group experience or a self-exploration.
Integrate quizzes, polling and other knowledge checks directly in-headset.

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Act One Arts Immersions

Read the full Act One Arts Immersions case study.Act One Arts Immersions
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Upgrade the travel experience and how they are sold

Show, don't tell. Instead of telling your clientele about the trip of their dreams, show them exactly what it will be like. From their accomodations onboard their cruise ship, to the views from their hotel balcony to the excursion offered during their trip, selling the 'vacation of a lifetime' just became more fun.

Are you ready to make your next first class experience truely something ground breaking?
Add unique VR entertainment options to your property that are easy to manage and deploy.
Promote your next ship, city, or experience to any customer.

Present audiences with a new perspective, from intimate to out-of-this world performances

Performances are no longer tied to a time and place. Fans can experience their favorite artist when and where they want, while artists increase their reach to exclusive experiences. From the green room to the tour bus, take followers where inspiration struck.

Experience intimate music performances like never before.
Showcase your Short Film in a medium as unique as your storyline. Regardless of format, Borderless can support.
Experience your favorite play as if you were in the theater. Sit amongst the crowd; hear the laughter; see the reaction.

Showcase fine art and galleries in an unconventional, eye-opening way

Take the studio on the road and open your gallery to a global audience. Replicate ehibitions or build something never seen before for endless possibilities.

Build an NFT Showcase and share it with the world or just your closest friends
Bring your Immersive Art to life easily whether in person or remotely
Take your musuem exhibit or entire tour to the next level with Borderless