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Train using the latest technology to promote focus, learning & knowledge retention

New employees, field staff and remote teams benefit from consistent and scalable learning that flexes regardless of location and turnover rates.

Tired of hosting training days with a slideshow and videos? Raise the bar with borderless
Train large or small groups, in-person or fully remote, with synchronized content
Deploy kits via your field teams to deliver trainings on the go

Enable the full potential of educators and students

Fieldtrips and movie days will never be the same. Transport students to the set of their favorite film or on trips previously infeasible. Increase engagement & retention through customizable interactivity including polling, quizzes and more.

Virtual Fieldtrips open up students to learning opportunities that were never possible before.
Remote learning never looked so good. Develop immersive educational experiences that can be delivered as a synced group experience or a self-exploration.
Integrate quizzes, polling and other knowledge checks directly in-headset.

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Field Trips

Read the full Field Trips case study.Field Trips
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