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Be Borderless.

Borderless is the full service VR solution for your business.

Engage your audience like never before by creating and deploying immersive experiences rapidly and at scale.

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For Individuals and Large Groups

Our platform adapts to audiences of any size. The smart synchronization algorithm ensures group experiences are harmonious and seamless.

In person or remote

Whether they are gathered together in the same room or spread across the globe, you can ensure that your audience is enjoying the same level of engagement.

A Borderless Lobby

Self-guided or instructor led

Borderless allows you to lead your audience every step of the way - or you can empower your auidence to explore on their own.

Accessible & inclusive

Headsets can be individually configured to suit each person’s needs. VR kits come with a tablet for individuals who can’t use headsets.

No headsets? No problem.

No headsets? No problem.

Borderless is a full turn-key solution with all hardware included. No purchasing headsets. No inventory management.

A simple way to enter the metaverse.

A simple way to enter the metaverse.

Our platform is a turn-key, scalable and fully branded immersive experience platform. Headset on, your lobby, your content. Nothing else.

Create, manage and scale content.

Create, manage and scale content.

Live action or rendered - create and produce experiences with the Borderless team or leverage existing content. Our platform lets you add, manage and deploy with ease.

Powerful data collection suite.

Powerful data collection suite.

Gain insights at every touchpoint - from headset utilization to content updates and feedback forms.

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Increased engagement

Students are more present in class, employees are more engaged in training, and customers can cut through the clutter when VR becomes part of learning.

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Increased retention

Compelling and immersive visual experiences correlate with higher memory retention. People who learn about products through VR can better relay the information they have learned.

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Increased scalability

Using VR to preview physical objects and places helps business sell remotely. Using VR to teach and train allows for infinite scalability.

Endless possibilities

Case Study

Act One Arts Immersions

Read the full Act One Arts Immersions case study.Act One Arts Immersions
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Brand experiences

Take experiential to the next level - immerse your customers in the story of your brand by placing them directly in it - face to face with a founder, on stage with an artist, in a factory or at a festival. The possibilities are endless.

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Product launches

Build anticipation, gather feedback, and create momentum by launching your new product in VR.

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Whether it's a new real estate listing or a museum exhibition in another country, transport customers, students or employees to any space or place.

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New employees, field staff and remote teams benefit from consistent and scalable learning that flexes regardless of location and turnover rates.

Immersive Storytelling

Invite users into a completely curated experience that educates on your product and communicates your brand story and values.

Immersive Storytelling

Fully brandable

Your branding on headsets, kits and in your own custom VR lobby space.

Fully brandable