Product Training

Driving Conversion at Retail

Consumer electronics brands face several challenges when it comes to training and connecting with retail associates who make or break brand performance on the store floor. It’s a competitive space, with many brands fighting for mind share. Technical product features can be complex and overwhelming in number. High staff turnover rates mean constantly starting fresh with knowledge and relationship building.

In 2022, Samsung’s home entertainment division partnered with Borderless to tackle these challenges and improve the education experience for associates to drive conversion at retail. Samsung launched the Immersive Learning Theater on the Borderless platform, and reimagined Samsung’s approach to retail training through immersive VR experiences at scale.

Borderless hosted a suite of content that allows Samsung to take associates out of the store aisle and transport them to the living rooms where their shoppers actually experience home entertainment products. Topics like the benefits of Neo QLED 8K technology or how Dolby Atmos sound fills a room come to life in relatable settings to drive focus, understanding, and retention among trainees.

Samsung has 220 Borderless headsets and 110 tablets in the field across the United States. Trainers can carry the all-in-one-case solution easily into a store and interact with retail associates via scheduled training sessions or ad hoc on the retail floor.

Using Borderless, Samsung training managers are able to deploy new content to all headsets in the field within minutes, directly from the Borderless website. Field training staff can then manage specific content shown on their headsets and collect analytics about their audience's time in the experience.

In its first year, trainers used the Samsung Immersive Learning Theater to engage with 20,000 retail associates. 98% of trainees said the experience was positive and would recommend a module’s featured Samsung product to customers. Samsung has also seen a significant sales lift in stores where VR training was used, compared to stores not using VR training.

“Our work with Borderless has been revolutionary,” says James Fishler, SVP at Samsung Electronics America. “We leveraged the platform to build an immersive training experience for our home entertainment field team to deliver at retail. Through the power of Borderless, our team can now ‘transport’ trainees to what we like to call an immersive learning theater with rich and engaging virtual reality content. We can bring technical features to life in a real-world, benefit-led way that sticks with people, and we’re seeing a significant sales lift at retail across the product lines trained on with VR.”