Unity Developer


We use Unity to power compelling, stereoscopic 3D experiences across multiple headset types. This role will entail R&D around new hardware, firmware, and SDKs as they are released and updated. You’ll also need some experience working in 3D. You should be comfortable importing scenes from popular 3D software such as Cinema 4D, Maya, and Blender as well as working with a designer to ensure things like lighting and shaders render properly. 

Understanding of Assets, Asset Bundles and Assemblies will be crucial to this role as we improve our core app’s functionality while baking as little content into it as possible. This is what allows our apps to be highly customized to our clients needs without refactoring much of the core functionality. 

Experience with performance tuning will be an asset as we strive to produce the highest fidelity renders while maximizing comfort and battery life. This role will also require experience handling input from non-traditional devices. While you may be able to test interactive 3D scenes with your keyboard and mouse, our audience will be using everything from focus gestures to headset buttons, and even hand tracking.


Daily Responsibilities:

  • Attending daily stand-ups 
  • Work with 3D designers to update old or implement new virtual environments

Must Have Experience:

  • Unity
  • Familiarity with the Unity Package Manager
  • Android Debug Bridge
  • Git / GitFlow

Nice To Have:

  • Experience with XR Development
  • Experience with Unity Assembly Definitions and Assembly References